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two months of perfection.

i haven't ever been this happy in my life before. thank you, sam.

i'm leaving in like 3 weeks i think. i'm not too sure how to feel. i'm gonna miss her, but we can make it work.

just gotta take it a day at a time.
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ily princess =]

if u believe, i believe.
as a bit of inspiration, my boyfriend and i have been doing the long distance thing for 2 years, if you want it then it will work. hope all is well
thanks jess, that does make me feel good. i hope you are doing well too.
you guys are so cute together
and it will only be one year, yes?
trust me, it's worth the wait :)
haha thanks. ya one year and she is gonna move to orlando. we'll see how it goes.
this is your most recent public entry.
oh... the things people know if they are your FRIEND on livejournal.