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all night i dream that they're really out to get me

So who is up for a road trip to see Saves the Day on May 11th in Orlando? I just bought a ticket. I'm not even sure if I'm gonna be home or at UF for the summer, shit I have no idea where I'm gonna be, but I felt it necessary to get a ticket even if I can't go.

I love Saves the Day.
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i'm definitely down. definitely.
sweet. i ordered a ticket earlier, but it just sucks not knowing where i will be at this time. hopefully it will happen.
agreed. how much was the ticket?
20 dollars including service charges/etc
I'm down to go, they're playing with say anything, and i thought i'd ask you if you wanted to go, but you beat me too it!
yea i'm positive i want to go to this. unfortunately at this time im not sure whether i will be able to go or not. i did buy a ticket though.
you dont love std as much as you love me though.
haha nice.

i think that made me a little less manly...just watching it