David (dekdog11) wrote,

song 13

the anchor that once kept us together at sea
has been detached from whats now a one man ship
how will i find my way back to the dock
i need the sound of your voice to steer me from these rocks

the lighthouse is my only guide home
but its too busy dancing with the night sky
its path takes me in never ending circles
creating a typhoon making my life full of misery

calling me calling me
i replaced the o in sos with an a
and now im stuck at sea

somehow ive ended up on this not so deserted island
where the people who inhabit it are as lonely as i am
we can all sing songs of love lost at sea
and how our washed up bodies will fill up with apathy

the sun has not come up since the day you left
living in this dark hole has given me time to reflect
on memories that this bitter mind will never remove
but a lack of sun gives me a lack of color and without the light of day im through
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