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right now im feeling lost

i have spend the past 2+ hours listening to strictly saves the day music. going through all of their albums on random, it is so fucking good. their lyrics are amazing. i still have a while to go to listen to it all.

i wrote songs 10 and 11, and i feel like ive progressed since earlier writings.

i moved my stuff into my apartment, and than came back home. i'm going up on the 18th for good. i'm not looking forward to it, unless i meet a chick, which there is a one percent chance that will happen.

i left my house today for once, saw a movie, it was good. wait for 'the fountain', 'the science of sleep', 'the prestige', and some others, they will be amazing. i've recently been watching a lot more movies, since im such a hermit these days.

my weight count is going up and it is disgusting. i wish i could just stay somewhat skinny, because i'm not in the mood to work out to lose the weight i gained.

i wonder how some people i haven't talked to in a while are doing. so to you people, how are you doing? this ends the entry, and back to my recluse lifestle. i'll be back to update you soon enough.
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