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i feel just perfect

to be completely honest, i have no point of existence on this earth. nothing excites me anymore. i just got the new college football game, and after one play with it, i got bored, and turned it off.

i cannot see myself surviving the rest of college, let alone this year. i just don't care what i do with my life. i wish i could just win the lotto and do nothing after that. yes, it is because i don't have a girlfriend. that is the reason for me being such a depressed fuck the past almost lifetime. there is nothing else. that is the one reason. i don't want to be in the presence of couples because it makes me jealous, i don't want to be in the presence of anyone because there is always talk about couples/gossip on that subject matter. i now see how people become cynical assholes, and this is the cause. i'm on my way...

the writing process has begun again, after a long time off. songs eight and nine - complete.

there is nothing anyone can say to make me feel better. the talk of patience can honestly go blow me. more can be said, but right now ill keep it to myself.
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